[coproc] Scheduling a Co-Processors Working Group meeting

Greetings all,

I’ve recently agreed to take on the role of the Co-Processor Working
Chair. I know lots of people have projects either directly related to,
touching on this topic: the variety of things people would like to use
accelerate GNURadio flowgraphs is both exciting, and makes things

I’d like to schedule a Google Hangout to get people talking about what
they’re currently working on, what things in GNURadio mainline need
changing to help support co-processor work, and what the path forward
should be.

To get things started, I’m proposing a couple possible days, and those
are interested can vote at: WhenIsGood: GNURadio Coprocessor Working Group Call. Make sure you
select your timezone: I’m stuck in the US Eastern TZ currently, but
hopefully we have enough overlap with what I imagine will be a
geographically diverse group of folks that would want to make the call
we can find a reasonable time for everyone.

Feel free to chime in with a different set of days/times if needed. And
anyone has particular items they’d like to bring up, please let me know.