Converting rails 2 to 3 remote_function error

I’m still very new to RoR and had built a site for a friend. I’m now
trying to port it to version 3 and am having an issue with

Right now, in a layout file, I have an image_tag and for :onclick I am
using the following:

:onclick => remote_function(:url => { :controller => ‘rcg’, :action =>
‘nav_click’}, :with => ‘pressed=home’

This being just a snippet out of a fairly long image_tag that handles
image switching behavior and then, the idea is to execute a remote
function when clicked.

In the controller ‘rcg’, I have defined a ‘nav_click’ action and then
a nav_click.js.rjs file that ran some ajax code.

When I execute the main page now (I can’t even get to the part where I
would click on something) I get the error:

   ActionController::RoutingError in Rcg#index

   Showing /Users/bertke/dev/rcg/app/views/layouts/rcg.html.erb

where line #32 raised:

   No route matches

{:action=>“nav_click”, :controller=>“rcg”, :escape=>false}

So, first I notice the last line that no route matches and it makes me
wonder if the whole routing thing (which has obviously changed a good
bit) is messed up or if it’s that the remote_function is now somehow
invalid (noting that many of the remote functions have changed
format. Also, I noticed the top line says
‘ActionController::RoutingError in Rcg#index’. But, I don’t really
get why it’s mentioning ‘index’ since this line of ‘code’ is in the
layout and it should just be going to ‘Rcg#nav_click’…right?

My first post so hope this makes sense. Any help on this would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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