Converting pdf to images

i am working on a catalog for our customers to order printing. i have
worked a little bit with imagemagick and pdf_writer. currently i am
uploading a pdf and an image for the preview of the file. i’m just
wondering if there is a way to convert a page of the pdf to a jpeg so
that i only have to upload once.

I have not done with with rmagick, but I have with the command line

Example - Creates some-0.jpg, some-1.jpg, etc (one for each page).
:blush: convert some.pdf some.jpg


ok cool. i did not realize that imagemagick already had it built in to
be able to do that.

i am using file_column for the upload, i may try and see if i can set it
up to convert it on upload some way. is there any easy way to just grab
the first page of the pdf for the conversion?