Convert string to hash in json format

In my controller I have an instance variable and I am returning that
instance variable to json.erb file. "The details of @employee is..#{@employee.body.inspect}"

    The details of @employee is.."{\"date\"=>\"01-04-2012\",

“name”=>“David”, “empid”=>“E009”, “position”=>“10”,
“place”=>“noida”} "The class of employee


    The class of employee is...String

And I am returning it in json.erb file as


But in the json.erb file when I try to output it as

    "details" : "<%[email protected]%>"

I am getting it as

       "details": "{"date"=>"01-04-2012", "name"=>"David",

“empid”=>“E009”, “position”=>“10”, “place”=>“noida”}"

The output format I want it is in json format like below

           "details": "{
                        "date" : "01-04-2012",
                        "name" : "David",
                        "empid" : "E009",
                        "position" : "10",
                        "place" : "noida"

I tried several combinations and I am able to do it with eval. But it
seems to be some security issues using that. I am not good at regex
also.Please help