Convert ruby and other language script to exe file


In this tutorial I want speak about

How to convert perl script to exe
How to convert python script to exe
How to convert ruby script to exe
How to convert php script to exe
How to convert javascript to exe
How to convert vbscript to exe

In first go to below address and download , ,
, , ,

please extract all download File into C drive

please test below example in command line in windows .
for execute command line in windows goto start -> run and type in run

start -> programs -> accessories -> command prompt

perl to exe example :

plte.exe c:\ c:\1.exe

php to exe example :

pte.exe c:\1.php c:\1.exe

ruby to exe example :

rbte.exe c:\1.rb c:\1.exe

python to exe example :

pyte.exe c:\ c:\1.exe

vbscript to exe example :

vte.exe c:\1.vbs c:\1.exe


vte.exe c:\1.vbe c:\1.exe

javascript to exe example :

jte.exe c:\1.js c:\1.exe


jte.exe c:\1.jse c:\1.exe