Convert json string to hash and retrieve hash items values in ruby

I have a string object which is basically in a json format and while
trying to print it shows in console as

item =
        "id": "4c9f83e4-f479-48d0-9f92-3fff70a8f6ba",



I need to get the values of business, class, date etc and pass it as
to my method. So I tried to convert it into hashes as below

hash_item = JSON.parse (item)

and output in console shows as

The converted hash item is


But when I try to access the hash value for business as
hash_item['item']['business'] it shows


since the value of item is a String in the hash_item. I am not sure
whether my approach is correct or not. So is there any better idea or
inputs to retrieve the hash values . Please help.