Convert images with attachment_fu

Hi, i’m using attachment fu plugin and mini magick for upload images.

class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base
has_attachment :content_type => :image,
:storage => :file_system,
:max_size => 4.megabytes,
:resize_to => ‘700x650>’,
:path_prefix => ‘public/images/cores’,
:thumbnails => { :thumb_big => ‘62x62!’, :thumb =>
‘30x30!’ },
:processor => :MiniMagick

I noted that when a user upload a jpg, the thumnails are very expensive
(32k for :thumb). so i want convert all thumbnails to gif or png format.

is possible?


It’s probably possible to do it with one of the various image
libraries available, but never seen that as a feature of

Cheers, Sazima

On Jan 17, 8:17 am, Luca R. [email protected]