Convert HTML code of single quote (i.e. ') to text

When I save a single quote character in my database, it was converted
into & so when I read it out from database to view on my webpage,
this single quote character (and maybe many other special-treated
character) is showed as & which is not expected. I expect the " ’ "
character to be displayed.

How can I convert & to ’ (single quote character) using ruby code?

Please help.

I don’t see why this is an issue for you. & is the right
representation, the browser takes care of rendering that as a quote.
You need to see what you are doing with the incoming data before
displaying it. Also, have a look at html_escape() / h() helper
function and sanitize data before database insertion. You shouldn’t
be storing a & into the database text field.

Hi Mukund,
Let me make it clearer to you.
My situation is: I have a textbox to input the data named Username for
example. The user input a string that contains the single quote, e.g.
“Mukund’s name”, then I it was saved into MySQL database.

The text was converted automatically into “Mukund&s name” in the
record inside the database. So, when I view that record on my webpage to
edit it, the text inside my editbox is exactly “Mukund’s name”. I
understand what you mean about the browser automatic convertion, but it
won’t translate it inside the textbox.

I’m not clear aobut your advice to use html_escape(). This helper will
turns single quote " '" into '. What I need is the reverse
direction: converting ’ back to single quote " '".

I google “reverse + html_escape” and found a thread in this forum about
what I need here Reverse of h() - Rails - Ruby-Forum.
I wouldn’t find that without your mention about the h() function. Thank
you Mukund.