Controlling vertical position

First, I want to thank everyone here who’s been helping me learn wxRuby.

The biggest problem I’m having is getting the layout of a screen right.

Right now, I have a dialog with several controls on it. With one
exception, it looks good. I’m using wxFormBuilder and Xrcise to do the
generation. I’m using nested box sizers to try to get things into the
right positions.

On the upper corner of the screen, I have a box sizer (HORIZONTAL) with
a label and a text edit control. Horizontally, they are perfect. They
are, however, at the top of the sizer, and I’d like to move them down a
bit in the sizer. They don’t have to be centered vertically, but they do
need to move down some. I’ve tried everything I can think of, nesting
other sizers in that sections, etc. but nothing seems to work correctly.

Would someone be so kind as to give me some ideas … or point me at
some more tutorials on sizers and spacers. I’ve gone through all of them
I can find on the documentation site.

Thank you VERY MUCH … in advance.

There are two ways in which to do this in wxFormBuilder. A.) You can
the Border width, which is in Pixels, or you can use a Spacer, remove
wxEXPAND from it, set the proportion to 0, and define the height you
want in
pixels for the spacer to expand, there by moving the item(s) down from
top of the frame.



P.S. Sorry for the delay in the response, been busy building up a Gentoo
System here.