Controlling USRP remotely using VNC

Hi All,

I got a problem when I want to remotely access the USRP using VNC on
Fedora 12.
In my case the USRP is at Los A. and my location is at Vasa

As you can see in the screeshot below I get a “Segmentation fault” as
local user and as root.
I also noted if I want to control a software that must have root
privilegies it wont work remotrly using VNC.
Everything works at the station (Los A.)

This I bet is a permission problem only and I bet you guy’s know howto
tune the VNC client to have rights needed.
It feels like there is a “window inbetween me and the F12” even if I
login as root using VNC.

I also have a similar system on Fedora 9 setup at Vasa Finland and a
client connected from Los A. and was able to control (full access)
my USRP and computer.

This is off topic from gnuradio but I bet some on this list know howto
“cure” our problem.

Any help appreciated,

This is probably an issue with controlling OpenGL remotely using VNC.
And on some machines it works, and on some it does something wrong. If
you figure it out let me know!

In the meantime, you can disable the opengl graphical displays and it
will revert to the non-gl ones which should definitely work over VNC.

Do this, except style=nongl:


Hi Josh,

Oh, I’ll try that and let you know my/our progress

Many thanks

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Hi All,

By adding a config.conf and the two lines solved the segfault

(dis)Enable the GL Sinks¶
Rather than modifying existing programs, the GL sinks can be enabled via
configuration file.
To enable the GL sinks, edit or create ~/.gnuradio/config.conf and add
following lines:


Many thanks for your help,

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