Controlling multiple USRP 2 on the TX path

Hi everybody,
just wanted to know if anything like this was done before by anybody:

The idea is to control multiple USRP2 from one single host, over the
same Ethernet link.
Like… the closest possible thing to delivering them a phy-level copy of
very same Ethernet signal and having them transmitting the same samples
through whatever front-end daughterboard at whatever frequency.

Of course I understand that some bidirectional communication cannot be
avoided at least at instantiation time but, provided that we can do
would it be possible afterwards to deliver multiple USRP2s multiple
of the same Ethernet frames while having them all transmitting (for
I’m thinking about a tx-path-only configuration) the samples contained
within ?

I don’t really know myself if it is possible but, in case it is, that
be opening up unprecedented usage possibilities for the entire USRP2

Thanks to all readers of this question

Best regards