Controlling GUI widget from another class

got a problem, I cannot change the calling script to be a module even
thou this would solve my problem of how to access an object within so
it’s state changes during execution.

so this is the issue (hopefully) without too much fluff.

fxruby is runnuing, user clicks a button.
code inside buttons block makes a frame visible, this shows a
then a call is made to MY ruby script.

As the script runs I’d like to update the progressbar so the user gets
feed back on the called scripts processing.

behind this 2nd script I call another module to handle another action.

I have tried this so far with no joy, and I’m sure my incantation is

require ‘fxrubyscript’

class Mine < Fxscript


all of my code that works below.


I am calling my class like this

@button3.connect(FOX::SEL_COMMAND){ = true
@new_mine_class.start data <<< at this point my “ruby” class is run.
the error is referring to where I create the so know
it’s an initialisation error.

Is there another way of getting the progressbar updated? or to pass
control back to fxrubyscript block from which it was called?

I am currently developing on Linux but it maybe used on windows (XP,
Vista, Win 7 I don’t know tho).

any help would be appreciated.

I could do a sleep(500) type loop and have the progressbar move across
and then jump to my other class but that’s a bit off to me as the user
may JUST close the program down prematurely causing issues unknown to

suggestion plse.

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