Controllers don't seemed to be released at the end of a request

Controllers seem to be leaked in 1.2.6 but not in 2.0.2. I created an
empty rails app with nothing but the following controller:

class HomeController < ApplicationController
def index
@contents = []
1.upto(2000) {
@contents << “big long string.”

where "big long string is about 1K long. This creates a controller
with a member variable with a good 2 megs worth of stuff hanging off
it. (@contents) If I run this controller in 1.2.6, and then exercise
the app, it leaks like a sieve, but in 2.0.2 it doesn’t. I was
wondering what is hanging onto controllers at the end of a request? I
can work around the issue by setting @contents to nil or an empty
array at the end of the template but that seems like a hack and the
app is still leaking controllers.

Does anyone know what changed in 2.0.2 so that controllers can be

Sigh. I think Im wrong about this. I added a finalizer using
ObjectSpace.define_finalizer to the controller where it is created in
base.rb. The act of defining the finalizer seems to keep the item from
being collected. Sigh. Taking out the define_finalizer seems to fix
the issue.

On the other hand something still holding onto my controllers in my
full app.

On Jan 23, 2008 12:59 PM, baldmountain [email protected] wrote:

On the other hand something still holding onto my controllers in my
full app.

We were investigating something similar recently at the day job, and
tracked things back to routing. I’ll try and dig up our findings.

~ j.

That would be great. I’ll also start looking into routing myself.
Thanks for the pointer.

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