Controller organization

I just have a question about controller organization. I have acontroller
that is growing and growing and the more I add stuff the more jumbled is
seems to be getting - especially when I need to find something. I know
there is the ‘Outline’ view in Aptana, but I guess I still like things
organized. I was just wondering if there are others out there who keep
their controller organized - or at least try to, and how do you do it.
Do you try an keep methods that update, add, or with saving
functionality together, or do you group your methods by from which page
they are called from? This could be a stupid question but for me, if I
have things organized I can easily lookup other snippets of code even if
I don’t want to switch to the outline - don’t like the Outline view
because I spend a lot of my time with the coding screen in full
perspective. Thanks,