Controller data in Ajax Modal


I am fetching a set of data from the controller. The data set is in a
cookie array. I have to display the set in a modal pop up. I am sending
the request through an ajax call. How to display the array from the
controller in the view in ajax in a modal box? I am using colorbox as my
modal box.

.erb file:

$(document).ready(function() {
var currentCellText;/this variable will have the clicked cell value/
$(".inline").click(function(e) {
currentCellText = $(this).text();

type: ‘GET’,
async: false,
data:{ foo1:currentCellText
$.colorbox({html: <%= cookie[:event] %>, width:“35%”,height:“400px”});



controller file:

cookie[:event] is having the data array.

If I print the cookie[:event] in the controller using a puts, I get the
data set. But I am not able to achieve the same in the ajax modal box.


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