Control Port: Usage

Hi to all.

I am a bit new to the usage of GNU Radio. I was trying to get Control
working for my setup but faced an issue. While using Control Port, we
to provide an IP address and port as an argument. I have confusion
regarding what the arguments should be.

Thanks in advance.


On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 6:47 AM, Shashank S.
[email protected]wrote:

You just need to give it the IP address and port number as in
“gr-ctrlport-monitor ipaddr port”.

When a Control Port-enabled application starts up, it will print out
list of endpoints that telli you what port is being used. Make sure
taken care of any firewall issues, too. You can also set up an ICE
configuration file to control your endpoints, but by default, the
Port app will create an endpoint for each interface found on the machine
using an ephemeral port.

See more here:


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