Contract Work


Hello Fellow Railers,

I apologize in advance if this is considered off-topic, but I’m not sure
where else to post.

I have a continuing stream of work for a contractor located in the
County, CA area, and who is able to meet up with us occasionally to
communicate requirements and new task information. Working from our
is not required at all, but some quick meetings might be necessary to
effectively communicate requirements. Some of this work is moderately
fast-paced, but none of it is very difficult, per se, for an experienced
developer. Some of this work needs a rapid turnaround.

Initially, we’d like to transfer a few smaller tasks to establish a
The work ranges from oscommerce tasks and PHP programming to XHTML/CSS
markup to, yes, rails. We definitely prefer strong CSS knowledge, and
creating effective markup for both Firefox and IE shouldn’t be an
task. I apologize again if it sounds like I’m talking down a bit, but
sure many people here can attest to the various levels of knowledge you
encounter. Sometimes you find people who really know what they’re doing,
yet rate their own level of knowledge as intermediate, and then you’ll
people who comport themselves as though they invented the Internet on
lunch hour, but who turn out code that, well, make you want to cry a

Please contact me, if you’re available, at gmcclure at Time
is in
short demand, so it may take a few hours to a day to get back to you.

All the best,

  • Greg