Contract E-commerce Gig

I am working on a Rails based e-commerce site. I only have a couple
weeks to roll this out, and I need some help. We are looking for
someone ASAP. The company I work for is willing to hire a freelancer
for a minimum of 1 week.

This is a general post for the job.

In summary, what we really need is someone who has rolled out some web
applications with rails. We need someone who has a firm understanding
of ruby on rails, and who has a strong programming background.

Aside from RoR, technologies we are using include:

It will help if you know stuff about these technologies, but it is not
necessary. We just want a good experienced RoR developer for a week or

send a direct email to: [email protected]

Portland, Oregon candidates would be preferred

  • U.S. candidates only -

Also, with your response could you include your hourly rate and a
time-frame for when you could start.

One more thing, we are accepting off-site candidates. We don’t care
where you work from as long as you are in the United States, you are no
stranger to using a chat application, and can be reached by phone.

Canadians are also welcome to apply :slight_smile:

Does Canada part of US in this context, or it’s too on freezing North ?)

We Canucks even have same numbers like in US.
If you mis-dial and type 416 instead of 415 you gonna reach me in
Toronto, and not that guy in
Frisco =)

PS: I am just in giggly mode :slight_smile:

All the Best!

Mr. Interweb wrote:

Canadians are also welcome to apply :slight_smile:

Canadians respect your honest offer! :slight_smile:

All the Best!

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a very experienced developer, with over 11 years in enterprise
application development. I began working with Ruby on Rails in October
of 2005 and am looking for part-time, tele-commute, and contract work
with Rails. I am incorporated, insured, and have many high-quality

I am interested in the position you have advertised on the Rails mailing
list for a Rails contractor. I have attached my resume for your review.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this
opportunity in more detail.

Nathan L.
[email protected]