Contest Idea

I am fairly new to RoR. I heard about a contest that the community
had awhile back where developer teams were given 24 hours to write an
web application. I recently participated in a photo contest that was
of similar nature, the contest allowed you only 24 hours to take edit
and submit your finished product. The catch was that a theme was
announced at the start time for the contest. So at 5pm everyone
logged on to apples website for the theme of the contest.

I really think it would be fun and challenging to create a contest
like the one apple held, but for rails developers. You could take a
simple topic like an e-commerce website for a coffee shop and push
everyone in one direction but receive many different results.

I don’t know if this is the best place to send this idea but I’m
hoping someone will see it and know where to go with it. If its a bad
idea just forget it, but if someone is willing to help get the ball
rolling I would really like to be a part of this.


Chris J.
mobile: 715.379.0405