Content distrubution in Rails


I hope someone can suggest me some tips in case of content distrubution
in Rails.

We have some great content in our database. The content are city-guides
of 20 destionations (sports, culture, beaches ect)world-wide. Now the
idea is that we want to distribute our content to our affiliate-partners
websites. These website are NOT developed on RoR.


Are widgets the solution for this idea?
Are data-feeds a good idea?
Must we use a webservice…?

Bottom-line “what is the best solution the realize this idea”


Sounds interesting, not that I have an answer I am curious though:

“we want to distribute our content to our affiliate-partners” does this
imply a push or pull from your site? Is this a paid for service for the
data? Is the data moved to the affiliates or simply reading from your
site as data is needed in pieces versus a complete copy of the data?

just curious…