Contact form which generates e-mail

I’m still struggling with my first RoR application, and have now
encountered yet another problem I have no idea how to solve.

I would like to have a contact form where people can write e-mails to me
directly from my site. I can do this with php, but have no clue
whatsoever on how to do it with RoR. I tried searching for it, but RoR
is really lacking tutorials and example code, I feel. I’m guessing it
might have something to do with ActionMailer, but I’m not sure on how to
do it.

The concept is simple; a few input fields where the sender specifies
subject, body and maybe even his own e-mail, clicks a button and the
e-mail is sent to my address (which I’ve specified somewhere behind the

Is this possible - and if so, how?

Have you looked at this:


Have you looked at this:

Yes, I have, but that does not explain how I get have a form with
different fields and the “click on button” to send the mail. I could
probably work out how to get the field entries to serve as different
variables in ActionMailer, but how would I call the function with the
button click?

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