Contact data extension

Hello Radiant Developers

Has somebody already written or heard of a contact data extension with
all the wonderful (required) tags?



No, but I did something similar for KCKCC with the LDAP extension. All
contact information was stored in the campus-wide LDAP directory.


Has anyone found a way to work with a CSS background image where it
can be inherited site wide, unless overwritten. I am using the
page_attachment extension, created a content part named image_header,
where I only have the URL code for the header image for that page. I
then pull that into the CSS file. In theory, I was hoping that every
page would inherit the home page’s URL (which it does), however, when
I try and make a sub section header change, it does not take. Does
anyone have any other ideas or know why this might be? I need the
image to be in the CSS for formatting reasons. Otherwise it would be
downright easy.


I’ve written a “Business Directory” extension which is used here:

It’s not what you’re looking for exactly but it might be a useful
example or starting point. You can check it out here:
(you might also look at the NHBA branch, there may be a more helpful
stuff there)

Good luck,


I’m not sure why what you describe doesn’t work, but you might
consider using a CSS content part and just override the header CSS
there. You do this by placing <r:content part=“css” /> within a

block in the header of your document below any other CSS. . . Loren


I assume you’re doing something like this:

#header {
background: url(<r:attachment:link name=“background.gif”) top left

Just make sure that the Radiant page that has your CSS is included in
base Layout for all of your pages via a tag:

Note that you can edit the slug of the page to change its “extension”,
and you should set its layout to be of content type “text/css”.