Consume web service from extension

Hey all,

I’m relatively new to Radiant CMS. I’ve had a little success with
understanding how to develop extensions to do custom things for me in a
site I’m developing. One thing I’d like to be able to do is consume a
service I wrote in another Rails application from my extension. Is
any easy way to do this? I was trying to do some things from my page
for my extension, however it hasn’t worked out. I’d appreciate some
pointers if anyone has any advice on the correct way to accomplish this.


You might look at the LDAP extension for some ideas. uses
(or used) the extension to hit an LDAP server on another machine. The
concept is basically the same – wrap the external service in some
object semantics you can live with, then write tags that allow you to
display the data. Other than that, I have no experience interfacing
with web services. If your backend Rails app is RESTful,
ActiveResource should do the trick.



I took a look at this and it was very helpful. It gave me some ideas to
create a solution, which I’ve written about here: