`const_missing': uninitialized constant

Hi all,
still the same error, when accessing my model childs on the site5 server
…(Person.infogroups.first.infoattributes, (a Person has_many
infogroup which has_many info_attribute))

I double check my config and the server and it is exactly the same
(except for rubygem which is for me 0.8.11).

`const_missing’: uninitialized constant

Is it a rails bug ?


site5 config:

Ruby version 1.8.4 (i386-linux)
RubyGems version 0.8.10
Rails version 1.1.6
Active Record version 1.14.4
Action Pack version 1.12.5
Action Web Service version 1.1.6
Action Mailer version 1.2.5
Active Support version 1.3.1
Application root
Environment development
Database adapter mysql
Database schema version 7

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