Console pasting weirdness

This is an odd one. I’m looking at a block of params sent through to
one of my controllers. As far as i can tell it works fine in the
controller. However, i wanted to check something so i looked at my log
file (with tail), and copied and pasted the params hash into my rails

BUT: when it comes through, one of the double-quotes is mysteriously
disappearing, which breaks the parsing of the hash. It’s always the
same double quote. I copied it into gedit (i’m in ubuntu 8.04) and it’s
fine. I pasted it into vi as well and it looks fine there too.

I copied it from gedit into the console and got the same problem.

This just seems really random to me - does anyone have an explanation by
any chance?

BTW i tried it in standard irb and the same thing happens, except that
only the text after the troublesome double-quote symbol comes through.

This isn’t stopping me working or anything but it’s one of those
troubling quirks that will continue to niggle away at me.

BTW, in case it’s relevant, here’s the params hash in question. The
double-quote that goes missing is at the start of the value for
lesson_id (ie just before 5422-1-Variety-test) about 3/4 of the way

params = {“schedule”=> {“start_date(1i)”=>“2008”,
“start_date(2i)”=>“8”, “start_date(3i)”=>“12”, “start_date(4i)”=>“10”,
“start_date(5i)”=>“08”}, “time”=>“5 mins”,
“plan”=>{“year_group”=>“2”, “cross_references”=>"", “assessment”=>“some
stuff about assessment”, “date”=>"",
“notes”=>“some general notes “, “differentiation”=>“differentiation
information “, “school”=>””, “keywords”=>“singing xylophone”},
“lesson_id”=>“5422-1-Variety-test”, “_method”=>“put”,
“action”=>“update”, “notes”=>””, “activities”=>"",
“controller”=>“plans”, “properties”=>[“1112”, “1125”, “1126”],