Console-based Pixel Editor (#231)


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Console-based Pixel Editor (#231)

Your challenge is to create a text-mode, character-based application
for editing images. The minimum functionality required is the ability
to navigate to an arbitrary pixel in the image, and set the pixel’s
color to an arbitrary RGB value. For extra credit you may wish to
include an alpha channel, a brush tool (with multiple sizes), a clone
stamp tool, a scripting interface, and anything else within or beyond
your wildest dreams.

Some tools that may be of use:
ncurses gem: GitHub - ELLIOTTCABLE/ncurses: ‹ᴜɴᴍᴀɪɴᴛᴀɪɴᴇᴅ› A Ruby module for accessing the ncurses library

Have fun!

There were no submitted solutions for this week’s quiz, maybe consoles
and pixels weren’t meant to be. Perhaps next time we’ll try a console
based ascii art editor.

Could you give us some hints…

  1. Does one just read an image file in binary mode (r+)
    Or would i need a jpeg reader or png reader for that.

    I don;t want my terminal getting messed up as would happen if did a
    `cat x.jgp’.

  2. Identifying RGB ?

Sorry for the confusion. I meant to say that quiz #231 Console-based
Pixel Editor has ended with no responses. Though in the future, as a
new quiz (not in this thread), we may revisit a similar but distinct

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