Connecting via Net::Telnet

Thanks for all the suggestions in the previous email about getting
started. I looked at a lot of resources today and thought I would
just get started. :slight_smile:

The first thing I have to do is get connected and logged in. However doesn’t use a traditional telnet login prompt. it
uses a menu displayed with a => prompt waiting for user input. So
here is what I have so far. it does connect :slight_smile: but I can’t get logged

require 'net/telnet'

Telnet into the Nethack server and login

The Nethack server doesn’t have a traditional telnet login. It used

a "=> " prompt where you enter

a letter from a menu displayed

host = Net::Telnet::new(“Host” => “”,
“Port” => 23,
“Timeout” => 10) { |str| print str }
host.waitfor(’=>’) { |str| print str }
host.puts(“l”) { |str| print str }

Here is the output:

E:\Ruby\mkNethackbot>ruby mkNethackbot.rb Trying Connected to Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 Error opening terminal: network. c:/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/net/telnet.rb:551:in `waitfor': timed out while waiting for more data (Timeout::Error) from mkNethackbot.rb:20

I found the code “{ |str| print str }” on another site using Ruby’s
net/telnet, but I don’t yet know exactly what it means, but I think it
waits for any strings sent ( |str |) and then displays it ( print str


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