Connecting and disconnecting a usrp

Hey all,

I have a quick question about connecting and disconnecting a usrp within
the same python run.
My test program creates a top block, within the top block it attempts to
create a usrp.source_c(0), it then deletes the source goes to sleep and
waits for a KeyboardInterrupt, when this is detected it attempts to
create the usrp source again.

The behaviour I am trying to understand is when I start this program
with my usrp not powered on I get the message “Unable to find USRP #0
as expected. But if I then power on the usrp and hit ctrl-c I still get
the message “Unable to find USRP #0”. So my question is: Is it not
possible to connect / disconnect a usrp within the same python run?
(There is a firmware error if you have the usrp connected to start with,
create / destroy a source, disconnect it, reconnect it and then attempt
to create a new source)

Thank you,

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