Connect to an WSDL Service over HTTPS without authentication


I’m in the process of attempting (key word here) to get Ruby talking via
a WSDL service to Quickbooks. The caveat is this : quickbooks uses SSL
to ensure that the tunnel is encrypted but either doesn’t use a
certificate, or doesn’t use a valid certificate (and offers no options
on how to solve that problem).

I’ve got things working - Ruby reads the WSDL (locally), creates the new
SOAP::RPC::Proxy, but when I attempt to call a WSDL method I get an
‘Insecure operation - initialize’ error, which I have traced back to the
creation of a TCPSocket. Another thing to note is that I am using the
HTTPAccess2 library (version 2.0.6). I’ve googled and tried all sort of
ideas but I’m still a bit of a newbie at Ruby and this really has me

Thanks in advance!

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