Confusion with Object individuation topic

David A. Black in his book said on the topic of Object individuation

One of the cornerstones of Ruby’s design is the ability of individual
objects to behave differently from other objects of the same class.
Every object is a full-fledged citizen of the runtime world of the
program and can live the life it needs to.

The freedom of objects to veer away from the conditions of their
birth has a kind of philosophical ring to it
. On the other hand, it
has some important technical implications. A remarkable number of Ruby
features and characteristics derive from or converge on the
individuality of objects.
Much of Ruby is engineered to make object
individuation possible. Ultimately, the individuation is more
important than the engineering: Matz has said over and over again that
the principle of object individuality is what matters, and how Ruby
implements it is secondary.

Can anyone help me to understand what did he mean by the *** lines only?