Confused about ruby-ole gem

Hi all. I’m having an issue with the ruby-ole gem, which is a
dependency of the spreadsheet gem i installed. I’m trying to unpack it
into my vendor/gems folder. I have this line in my environment.rb

config.gem “ruby-ole”, :version => ‘’, :lib => “ole”

and then do rake gems:unpack.

It complains thus:

no such file to load – ole

but goes ahead and copies the gem into vendor/gems anyway. I set the
:lib option to ‘ole’ because that’s what the main folder inside the
gem’s lib folder is called (rather than ruby-ole). If i omit the lib
option then it complains that it can’t load ruby-ole but again copies
the gem into vendor/gems anyway.

Even though it’s copied across to vendor/gems, it’s still an issue as
whenever i start rake/mongrel/console etc i get the no such file to load

The structure of the gem looks like this:

ruby-ole is used by the spreadsheet gem, and whenever spreadsheet
requires it, it doesn’t require the whole thing but instead requires
‘ole/file_system’, which in turn requires ‘storage/file_system’ file,
which in turn requires the whole ole/storage folder. Does this mean
that when i specify the gem in my environment file i need to just
require ‘ole/storage’ as well? I’m a little confused about this, i’d
appreciate any clarification/advice.

cheers, max