Confused about ruby fast C bindings

I am confused about ruby fast C bindings. Does the command:

gem install mysql

install these?

Is this page:
the home page for these bindings? If so, it gives no instructions about
installing them with using gem.

Wondering if this is all the same???

Thanks for any help…

On Dec 26, 2005, at 3:10 PM, Shelby W. wrote:

Wondering if this is all the same???

Thanks for any help…

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Yes they are the same thing. What platform are you trying to install
them on? If you are on linux or osx try this command:

$ which mysql_config

If that returns the location then you can install the bindings like

$ sudo gem install mysql – --with-mysql-config

Or you can download the tar.gz from the site you mentioned and
install them that way. The net result is the same though. If you are
on windows or which mysql_config turns up nothing, you should read
the readme in the tar.gz file and move on to one the recommendations

-Ezra Z.
Yakima Herald-Republic Newspaper
[email protected]

Ezra suggested:

$ sudo gem install mysql – --with-mysql-config

This worked on my OS X 10.3.9 box. excellent…

I had tried:
sudo gem install mysql – --include=/usr/local/lib
as the comments at the top of the database.yml file of a newly created
1.0 app tells me. But that didn’t work…

Thanks, Ezra!

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