Confirmation emails not sent


I put up a rforum server as a testbed for our college’s virtual reality
/ digital logic / programmers wanting to mess around lab. I was going
through the installation page from the main rforum site, and I got to
step 8. after registering and giving myself admin priviledges, I waited
for the confirmation email…and waited…and waited. I now believe
that the email did not send correctly. I’ve checked my email address,
and it’s correct. Is there an external program that I need that rforum
uses as a mail backend, or is there something else that i’m missing?
Any help would be appreciated.


A little clarification on top of that:

I’m running the gzipped package of rforum on ruby 1.8.4, on a Gentoo
Linux machine, kernel 2.6.15. Hope that helps people.

You need a working MTA like Postfix or Qmail.

Thank you very much for your help! Everything is now set up and working
properly. Here’s hoping it catches on here.