Configuring the Server (Ruby on Rails: Up and Running 1st Edition)

Hi everybody,
I am trying to configure the server so that WEBrick runs on a
different Port and IP Address.
The Book Ruby on Rails: Up and Running 1st Edition says to change

:port => 3030,
:ip => “”,
:environment => “development”,
:server_root => File.expand_path(File.dirname(FILE) + “/…/
:server_type => WEBrick::SimpleServer

What I see in script/server is:

require File.expand_path(’…/…/config/boot’, FILE)
require ‘commands/server’

How do I configure the server?

I know there is a 2nd Edition of Ruby on Rails: Up and Running but I
only have the 1st Edition for now.



It’s probably not advisable to change script/server.

You can change the port and IP address using command line parameters.

–port to change the port
–binding to change the IP address

Or check out the help to see a list of all available options:

ruby script/server --help