Configuring GIT repository on dreamhost - novice

Hello Experts,
I am trying to host a git repository in dreamhost, have a pre
installed git version on the server.
I have referred to many sites on which a lot of information given.

Is there a clean instruction guide to set this up.

I am facing the following problems

  1. I want to create a repository that is protected by webdav/htaccess.
    When I am using my shell access to create myproject.git in the
    protected directory, it denied the access as the directory is

  2. The git client on my Vista neither accepts htaccess password nor
    the shell when i am committing the files.
    I am wondering which password it is looking for.

I am new to this entirely…
please consider me as a novice. Hope at the end of this conversation
we can have one reference for other users which will save other
developers time.

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while may be some good hearted members of this list probably answer your
doubts, I must remember you that this is a Ruby On Rails specific group.
Although many of ROR developers uses Git as their VCS, it’s not a
specific or closely related Rails topic or problem.

I suggest you ask here:

Cheers and happy coding!

Juan P.

Hi Juan,
Since i am doing lot of experimentation with rails and understanding
various aspects that are closely attached to it.
I totally forgot that this may go out of context.

Sorry about it, Thanks for the pointer i will surely check with the
GIT group.


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On Jul 22, 5:30 pm, Juan P. Genovese [email protected]