Configuring for video seeking? - using projekktor media player

i am creating a plugin for the elgg open source social networking
that adds the projekktor media player ( to
i am so far unable to get projekktor to seek video/audio files on the
webserver (tested using nginx 1.5.13 + 1.7).
i have asked on the projekktor forum and did not find a resolution

essentially, i have the mp4 and flv add-ons activated for nginx and i
added the following to my site’s config:

streamable mp4

location ~ .mp4$

mp4_buffer_size 4M;
mp4_max_buffer_size 20M;
gzip off;
gzip_static off;
limit_rate_after 10m;
limit_rate 1m;

streamable flv

location ~ .flv$


i also looked enabling the pseudostreaming option for projekktor,
however i
was informed that i didn’t need to do that via the projekktor forum and
if the server supported the appropriate streaming method then the player
would use it.

does anyone know what i am missing here?


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On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 03:12:38PM -0400, ura wrote:

location ~ .mp4$

streamable flv

would use it.

does anyone know what i am missing here?

Quick look suggests projekktor is HTML5-based, and it don’t need
(and can’t use) flash pseudo-streaming helpers. As long as
browser is able to use byte-range requests for HTML5 video
seeking, it will do so.

Maxim D.

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