Configuring apache with scgi


i had been trying for weeks to get fcgi to play right with apache. i
finally got it working, but it’s far from stable. it was recommended to
me that i should try using SCGI and that it is much easier to set up.
being new to this stuff though, i’m not sure if there’s a lack of
documentation or if there are some things that are just assumed and not
known by a noob like me.

i’m not really sure what i’m supposed to do to get everything set up,
and i don’t want to screw something else up in the process. i’ve
installed the scgi gem but i don’t know how to configure apache to use
it. i found the file but have no clue what i’m supposed to
do with it either. do i copy it to the modules directory and just add
the loadmodule line in my httpd.conf file? i have no clue.

then, how to i set up my rails apps? do i use dispatch.cgi or
dispatch.fcgi? do i need to do anything special to get it running,


Hi Josh, Zed’s SCGI Rails Runner should help you with your task, you
want to look at his web page:

Here’s an example of configuration with Apache:

Which platform are you running? If you run Windows you may want to try
my Rails Prod Win install kit, it comes preconfigured to run Rails
with FCGI, SCGI or simply proxy for Mongrel or Webrick:

Good luck