./configure on Cygwin fails at SDL because of no alloca.h

I’m trying to make GNUradio work properly on cygwin now. I’ve configured
and compiled SDL 1.2.13 normally, and my sdl-config has -mno-cygwin in
its --cflags. GNUradio still fails to find SDL properly when
configuring, stating that it cannot find alloca.h. I’ve done a lot of
googling on the subject, and cannot seem to deduce how to make SDL and
gnuradio work together on cygwin. So my question is this: has anyone had
success in this regard, and if so, how exactly did that come about?
Maybe I need a lower version of SDL, or need to configure SDL

I will make updating the Trac/Wiki with information about SDL a priority
if I am able to get this working.

Casey T. wrote:

need to configure SDL differently?

I don’t know of anyone who has tried to make SDL work with GNU Radio on

Might there be a problem if SDL is configured with -mno-cygwin and GNU
is not? They may not agree on which include files and library functions
(e.g., alloca.h and alloca) are available. You may need to modify the
configure file for SDL to fix this.

– Don W.