Configuration Error for UDP Processing?

No USRP2 found.

I am betting network configuration is my problem, a UDP processing
issue, but where else to look…maybe I’m wrong about the network card
being Ge capable…an Intel Corporation 82573L Gigabit Ethernet

The attached file contains various information sets: wireshark capture
(showing USRP2 arp on startup, response to ping, response to
uhd_find_devices, and failure to respond to sudo find_usrps -e eth0),
configuration information for eth0 including ifconfig info and ethtool
output that appear to indicate a 1000 connection, a clean dmesg dump
that shows some eth0 behavior, ls -l for usrp2_socket_opener that shows
result of sudo chown +s mod

Restart of both the host terminal and USRP2 does not change behavior


Lenovo T60
Ubuntu Linux 10.10
gnuradio 3.3.0
uhd from the git repository as of Mar 27
SD images 003-20110317204706-2d906e6

USRP2 Leds:

F lights first, constant

E, C, A in order, flash and out

D lights last, constant

I did give the mail list a quick review…not exhaustive.

The USRP2 related applications that come with gnuradio are for the
legacy gnuradio-usrp2 driver and will not work. You will need to build
gnuradio master w/ support for gr-uhd. And use the source and sink
blocks in gr-uhd. Other than that, it looks like everything else is
working for you.