Configuration assistance with http redirect to a file share

I have an application that makes download requests to the microsoft
website for patches from time via http. What i’d like to accomplish is
for the application’s requests for patches to be redirected to a file
share that resides on our internal network that contains all of the
patches instead of microsoft’s website.

For example, if my application determines that it needs to download the
following patch: WindowsServer2003-KB914961-SP2-x86-ENU.exe. Typically,
it would make this request by visiting the follow microsoft url to
download the patch:

Instead, i’d like to configure my application to forward its request to
the nginx proxy nad have nginx to this request and allow the application
to seemlessly obtain the patch from a file share such as:
while allowing all other http requests not meeting the criteria
forwarded during normal http.

I’ve looked around at the example config files and read docs for nginx
but I’m not having any success. I would appreciate a sample one that
performs a similar task if that exists to get me on the right track.

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