Config question, is it good?


I got a server running Intel Xeon-Nehalem 5520-Quadcore 2.2GHz + 12 gb
I got the following conf in my nginx, is it a good choice? But
sometimes, I
still found the wordpress sites are kind of slow. Sometimes, it just
take s
longer time to load a page and after that, the server just back to
super cache is already running).

worker_processes 4;
worker_rlimit_nofile 10240;

#error_log logs/error.log;
#error_log logs/error.log notice;
#error_log logs/error.log info;

#pid logs/;

events {

worker_connections 1024;




Check the duration of page processing in PHP code. Maybe you should
optimize your database operation.

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Ren Xiaolei

Be sure WP-Super-Cache is really working, although I think you already
have done that. You can do this looking at the last lines of the page
source code.


Refresh the source code (you can configure WP-Super-Cache to don’t log
pages for logged in users) and you will realize that the PHP
processing and database may not be the bottleneck.

I had a the same problem you are having. My wordpress sites were very

I solved this using the to diagnostic what
were really slow. You don’t have to follow all the recommendations of
PageSpeed but you will get a great improvement if you start to use
gzip for javascript and css files. The most important recommendation
is to set cache expiration of icons and other images properly.

I think Apache uses gzip for css and javascript for default but I
really don’t know this for sure.

I have tried to do this with nginx and the only way I achieved this
was using gzip_static. I must generate the .css.gz and .js.gz files
with a script I had programmed but it works very well and I can,
without any server performance loss, use the highest gzip compression