"config/initializer" replacing "lib" folder?

I’m upgrading to rails 2.1, and there is a new convention with the
config/initializer folder.

As I understand, the purpose of this folder is to put configurations
that need to get loaded between the Rails being loaded and potentially
files from your app.

Im trying to see where I draw the line though. Right now I have require
lines after the initialization block from my old environment.rb file.

Whats the best convention here. Should I put “require ‘file’” in each
file that needs it and avoid requiring it upon startup or should I put
these files in config/initializer and just require it upon startup so
that its available across the entire app. If I do the latter, the
config/initializer will start looking like my lib file currently looks
right now.

Im a little torn, here.

Aryk G.