Conditional execution of javascript / embedding Cappuccino files into Rails

I have a Cappuccino app that I am integrating with a Rails backend. A
key feature of the app is authentication which is managed entirely by
rails. The way I set it up is that the cappuccino js conditionally
executes if the user is logged in, like this:

<% if signed_in? %>

<% end %>

Where signed_in? is a rails method that returns a boolean value
reflecting whether the user is authenticated.

The issue I am having is when I embed the scripts to launch Cappuccino
into an erb page, I get 404 errors because Rails cannot find the
associated files. I tried putting them into /vendor/assets and /public
with no luck in either case. Does anyone know the right location for
these files? Or is this a routing issue and I need to update my routes

I fixed the issue, it turns out that putting everything in a directory
inside Public was messing it up. Once I changed my references to
account for that, everything worked.