Composed_of and validates_presence_of

I’m using composed_of in one of my models, and I’d like to validate
that the attribute is present.

class Hand < AR::Base
composed_of :level, :mapping => [ %w(sb sb), %w(bb bb), %w(ante ante)
validates_presence_of :level, :message => “must be set”

The Level class itself is very simple:

class Level
include Reloadable
attr_reader :sb, :bb, :ante

def initialize(sb, bb, ante)
@sb, @bb, @ante = sb.to_i, bb.to_i, ante.to_i
raise “SB can’t be 0” unless @sb > 0
raise “BB can’t be 0” unless @bb > 0
raise “SB can’t be bigger than BB” if @sb > @bb
raise “Ante can’t be bigger than SB” if @ante > @sb

The problem is that if create a new hand and don’t set the level
object, calling valid? results in the level object being created with
null values. null gets turned into 0 which raises an error.

The behavior I want is to simply have valid? return false, saying that
the reason is that level is null. Can I do that?


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