Compiling wxruby for FreeBSD

The version of wxruby available in ports on my FreeBSD system is 0.6.0
so I’d
like to compile a newer version. I’ve downloaded the 2.0.1 source
tarball and
tried to compile with the following result:

% rake
(in /home/william/src/wxruby-2.0.1)
wx-config: not found
rake aborted!
wx-config error:
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

The INSTALL file is not helpful here. Is wx-config necessary? If so,
isn’t it part of the package? If not, how do I proceed to compile?


Hi there Will, wx-config is part of wxwidgets, it sounds like you need
install that. That error message should be more helpful, shouldn’t it?
the wxwidgets-2.8 package.