Compiling vim7 with ruby interpreter


Hi all,
I’ve asked this on the vim list as well, so sorry for the cross posting

I’m trying to compile snapshot 195 of vim 7 on kubuntu (debian)

using ./configure --enable-rubyinterpreter --enable-perlinterpreter
failed for both.

One of the guys on the vim list suggested:
‘apt-get install libperl-dev’
which fixed the perl issue.

Is there a similar library/package I need for ruby.
Ruby’s functional (ie I can :!Ruby % from inside vim) but I’m trying to
configure the ruby interpreter at compile time

any suggestions appreciated



DÅ?a Piatok 10 Február 2006 14:18 Mark W. napísal:

which fixed the perl issue.
libruby-dev or libruby1.8-dev? I wonder if someone asked / told the
packagers to provide a metapackage that corresponds to the standard Ruby
distribution, I hate having to hunt and peck across aptitude (Yea,
verily the
god and king of APT frontends) to get all the bits and pieces.

David V.


Mark W. removed_email_address@domain.invalid writes:

which fixed the perl issue.
Try this:
apt-get install libruby1.8-dev