Compiling the verilog files

I would like to recompile all the verilog files for the FPGA in order to
have a better understanding of the role of each module. I believe the
program used to compile the files was Quartus II. Is that correct?
Also, i know that Xilinx ISE can give an RTL schematic of the whole
once it is synthesized. That could be very helpful for me to see all the
inter connections between the different verilog modules. Does Quartus II
have such a feature?
If it does, can Quartus II run on a Linux platform (I am running

Thank you,


On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 02:44:53PM -0700, Oussama S. wrote:

Thank you,

Please read usrp/README.

The free version of Quartus is windows only. I haven’t tried running
it under wine. That may be possible. There is a non-free Linux
version available. For Quartus info and docs see


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