Compiling or building an application with green shoes

I am learning ruby and shoes and started to building a simple
GUI application. I am wondering how I can kind of “compile/package” my
simple application for distribution. I’m currently using LINUX:

1 - I would like to be able to distribute the application, if possible,
other platforms that do not have ruby install. Can this be done?

2 - Can I install the application on a Windows platform?

Thank you

Hi Ruby S.,

Green Shoes is just a gem written by pure ruby.
So, your application will be able to run on Windows, too.
But, ruby install is necessary.


Got it. Thank you!

Will do.

Thank you


I got it that green shoes is a Ruby gem and you need Ruby to use it.
said, however, I was wondering…

Since jruby can be packaged using the* *“magic” of Java, and since
is a Ruby gem, can I use the jruby/green_shoes combination to
create and package my application? If I am not mistaken, there is a way
build a jruby package (jar?) or something to that effect. Any comments?

Thank you

I don’t know whether green shoes works with the OCRA gem, but it might
be worth a look.