Compiling Apache from Source and Phusion Passenger can't find it

I compiled my http server (obviously from source)and runs ok under
/usr/local/apache2 but when I do “sudo gem install passenger” it tells
me it cannot find my apache2, the headers and the Environment and it
suggests me to install with apt-get on debian 6.

ruby 1.9.3 also install from source code. rails is also installed
not using RVM.

so appreciate your answers.

I found the solution here:

all I needed was:

export HTTPD=“/usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd”
export BINDIR=“/usr/local/apache2”
export APXS2=“/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs”
export APR_CONFIG=“/usr/local/apr/bin/apr-1-config”
export APU_CONFIG=“/usr/local/apr/bin/apu-1-config”

every thing else was self-explanatory after this.