Comparison operator == got un issue with me

irb(main):189:0> val1>=val2.to_i

=> false

irb(main):190:0> val1.eql? val2

=> false

irb(main):191:0> val1==val2

=> false

irb(main):192:0> val1

=> 1

irb(main):193:0> val2

=> 2

irb(main):194:0> val2=sde

=> sde

irb(main):195:0> val1==val2

=> false

irb(main):196:1* if val1 == val2

irb(main):197:1* they are equal

irb(main):198:1* else

irb(main):199:1* "#{val1} is not equal to #{val2}"

irb(main):200:0> end

=> 1 is not equal to sde

irb(main):201:1* if val1 >= val2

irb(main):202:1* they are equal

irb(main):203:1* else

irb(main):204:1* "#{val1} is not equal to #{val2}"

irb(main):205:0> end

(irb):201:in `>=': comparison of Integer with String failed (ArgumentError)


( the problem I got is ruby validates into false when I compare using == the val1 and val2 yet I am comparing string to a integer which I thought == is only use for same type of datatypes and it would rather also give an argument error. just. saying just confused